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"I know it's not #wednesdaywin today but I couldn't wait to share my social media win! These numbers are HUGE for us- like nothing we've ever seen! It's so great when your hard work and persistence gets rewarded! One Million People reached! Thank you Kate!! "

Amanda Corby
Education Consultant - Illume Learning

"Since doing the Social Media Challenge, I worked out my average engagement rate - 19%. My engagement rate has increased dramatically the last 2 weeks since introducing more video content and the quality of my posts are better and more focused. One of my posts had a 50% engagement!!! 😍"

Elmine Benn
Director at Three Points Training

"Kate, 24 hours later from the original "authentic post" non paid boost, over 16000 people viewed, 76 shares my business page is now at 700 and our group has got 1700 people over doubled overnight. The power of social media! Thank goodness we have groups and people like you to help us."

Amanda Schulz
Founder - Luv A Berry - War on Waste

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