Facebook Masterclass

This 6 week Masterclass will step you through everything you need to master your Facebook page for business success. You receive all 6 modules at sign up with 10 snaps of content in each module of 10 minutes or less. That's almost 10 hours of content! Take10 minutes here and there in your business to master Facebook - no more overwhelm or confusion. You also enter a 6 week support program, where we check in each week to keep you motivated and on track as you build your Facebook strategy. 

The content is clear, simple and step-by-step. You can follow along by watching the video or listen as you implement directly on your page. Whether you know a little or a lot about Facebook, there will be new learnings each step of the way. 

We are right there to provide coaching and to answer your questions. You will receive access to our 'member only' Facebook group where you can connect with other businesses, ask questions and collaborate. We do live challenges, member 'hotseat' coaching and share all the latest developments as they launch on Facebook. It is a true community of motivated people using Facebook for business. What better place to learn!

Put all that confusion behind you, see the latest changes to Facebook pages and be more efficient and effective in your Facebook strategy.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Facebook Masterclass

You will learn:

- how to set up an optimised Facebook page for business

- how to design a beautiful and feature packed page to drive results

- how to build a community of people who care about your product or service

- what content works on Facebook and how to create it

- using Facebook as a customer service tool

- understanding Facebook insights and using them strategically

- Facebook advertising

- Advanced Facebook strategies

Videos are available on all devices and you can learn at your own pace.


$97.00 AUD